Starting a community

From 2019-2020, myself and two other UX Designers studying at Career Foundry decided to start a meetup aiming to engage with other people in the industry and network with fellow students.

These meetings helped many people to get their first steps into UX Design, UI Design and Web Development. Not only by creating insights into the design thinking process but also through portfolio feedback, how to overcome impostor syndrome, manage discussions into specific problems aiming to find solutions, support and encouragement through the job hunting process or while being in the job.

In 2019, I had the opportunity to get involved in the UX Live 2019 event supporting Tech Circus on a volunteer-basis. The team received me and all the member of the meetup with open arms. Was such a wonderful surprise! The team behind the scenes were very open and genuinely cared.

This event was the start of an exciting experience and collaboration, close connection and expansion of my network. It allowed me to learn new skills and evolve my career through educational content and have direct contact with more experienced designers.

Organized past events